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“Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend.”

What We Do

We are an Influencer Marketing Agency with offices in the UK and Turkiye that connects brands with influencers with high impact using the data we obtain and develops influencer campaigns with creativity and performance.

All of our influencer campaigns are bespoke, tailored to each client. 


Brand recognition

Brand awareness 

Conversion rate

We create and develop influencer campaigns based on brands' priorities and needs by finding the best suited influencer and strategy, and suggesting the right content & platform. 

Creating the campaign

and/or running the current campaign and managing the process from start to finish..



We act as an extension of your team.

We are here to help you reach your marketing goals with Influencer Marketing projects designed specifically for your brand and your requirements by using our data and insights.

We manage the whole process from start to finish by developing target-oriented Influencer Marketing projects integrated with your marketing strategies.

For more information please send email to 


Brand-Store is a part of CMN Consultancy company with offices in the UK and Turkiye. Brand-Store Influencer Marketing agency; provides collaborations between the brands and the influencers that have strong impact in their fields, thanks to its network and experience.  We also run an aggregator website (affiliate publisher), based only in the UK. 



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