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Festive Season 2023: How brands and marketers should approach this year's festive season

The minute Halloween is over (31st Oct 23:59) it’s safe to scream for Christmas! It’s the official start of the Christmas Shopping Season!

First things first: ARE YOU READY FOR BLACK FRIDAY 2023?

Black Friday offers great sales to customers in preparation for Christmas and preceding to Cyber Monday many stores offer discounts for the entirety of Black Friday weekend including Cyber Monday sales.


The UK has adopted the Black Friday tradition with brands finding clever ways to win over customers looking for a bargain in-store and online. Last year consumers in the UK were found to have spent a total of £8.71 billion on Black Friday deals.


1. Better discounts Customers are looking for value now more than ever.Higher discounts drive larger spend.

2. Not just a weekend

Black Friday marketing should last well over a week. Many brands create a seven-day campaign but it can even sometimes seep into your Christmas campaigns too.

3. Add Influencers to your campaign

Influencer marketing has grown into a $21.1 billion industry in 2023 up from $16.4 billion a year earlier. Over 80% of marketers dedicating an influencer marketing budget. To get the message out there partner with influencers and create product-specific contents communicate each deal when it is and what to expect.

4. Transparent hourly deals

Add hourly deals to create variable rewards. Your potential customers will be motivated to buy because of FOMO. Nearly 70% of customers abandon their shopping cart. So set reminders to complete the purchase and stick to your promotion times.

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